Monday, August 24, 2009

Regarding Titles

While our animated film was in production it was called “We Bombed in Baghdad.” Obviously, that’s not the title now.

When we got our distribution deal with Cinequest, Scott, the director, suddenly got cold feet about the title and wanted to change it to something “more fun.” However, members of the production team were very attached to the old title and for the most part disliked all suggestions of new ones. A couple of the producers were especially adamant on the subject and quite unabashedly held that all of the ideas Scott had for new titles were terrible.

Those ideas are included below, so you can judge for yourself.

In any case, in the end, we went back to the title of the original stage musical on which the film was based: “Bye-Bye Bin Laden!”

SCOTT’S TERRIBLE TITLE IDEAS (obviously, some of these were just brainstorming):

A Bad Batch of Anthrax (based on one of Mrs. Bin Laden’s lines)
A Bite of my Feces Sandwich (based on something the Roachboy says)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the War
A Most Amusing War
A Musical about the War
A Very Entertaining War
A War is Born (a play on “A Star is Born”)
American Propaganda
Bye-Bye Bush
Everything’s Taboo (this title actually has some support among various people)
God Loves War (a line spoken by Bush, and Scott liked it but people thought it was a downer)
God Said I Should Kill You (a reference to the film’s skepticism toward religious extremism as a justification for war – on both sides, by the way)
How Bush Licked Us
How the Roach People Ate Jenna’s Children (Scott’s favorite)
How the War Began
How to End the War
How to Lick Bush
I Hate Bush: The Musical
In This Heavy Burqua (one of Zareems line’s, and to highlight the film’s pervasive feminism; Lesbians love us)
It’s a Wonderful World
It’s OK to Laugh
Jenna’s Nightmare
Just Be Cheerful
Let’s Have a Wonderful War
Let’s Watch the War
Logical Conclusions
Mr. Bush Goes to Washington
Much Sexy War Show (to make it sound like a cool Japanese T-shirt)
No Woman Could Make a Bomb (one of Osama’s lines)
Nobody Licks Bush
Osama, Mullah and George
Osama’s Wonderful TV Show
Our Holy War
Our Important Anti-War Movie (OK, a bit on the nose)
Roachboy’s History Lesson (Scott liked this a lot and pushed for it)
So Much Nicer to Starve (based on one of Zareem’s lines)
Somebody Should Have Aborted You (Ethel Schmertz says this to Osama)
The Devil of TV
The George Bush Comedy Hour
The Great and Powerful Bush
The Taliban Don’t Allow
The Wonderful, Wacky World of War
Then You Ate Jenna’s Children (Mark Bingham says this to Josh the Roachboy)
Theocracy: A Cartoon Musical
They Were Delicious! (which is Roachboy’s reply when Mark Bingham accuses him of eating Jenna’s children)
War Crazy
War is a Funny Thing
What a Happy Ending!
What Closes Saturday Night (a reference to George S. Kauffmann’s definition of satire as “what closes Saturday night”)
World War III
Your War

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