Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bye-Bye Bin Laden! Gets Rave Review on KGO Radio!

Sept. 22, on KGO Radio’s Ronn Owens show, film critic Tim Sika gave “Bye-Bye Bin Laden” a rave review in his weekly round-up of new DVD releases. To listen to the clip click here. Otherwise, here’s the transcript:

Ronn Owens: And then finally, ‘Bye-Bye Bin Laden”!?!

Tim Sika: Yes. This is the film with an all-talking, all-dancing, all-singing Taliban. It’s a clever, witty, funny animated musical comedy.

Ronn Owens [laughing]: All-singing Taliban?

Tim Sika: Yes. It’s a political satire that nails the stupidity and hubris behind the US involvement in the Iraq war, and like all great satire invariably does, it comically decimates the characters and politicians who are a part of that. Osama bin Laden, he sings and dances. Mullah Omar sings and dances. George W. Bush, his daughter Jenna, and others. The musical numbers alone will have you in stitches and my favorite is a duet between Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush called ‘We Bombed in Baghdad.’ I mean, Ron, who would not want to see an animated musical comedy called ‘Bye-Bye Bin Laden’? I was sold going into this DVD with that title!

Ronn Owens: I don’t understand how I never heard of it.

Tim Sika: Yeah, well, it’s an under the radar thing. I think if people could only check out one DVD this week, it should be ‘Bye-Bye Bin Laden.’ I think it’s on its way towards becoming a big cult hit on DVD.”

The Ronn Owens Program is the number one rated show on KGO, with over half a million viewers.

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